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Since 1992, Argentina, dedicated to research and development of sensors, controllers and software, for the measurement of moisture and temperature of materials.
Applications in: Agriculture - Industry - Laboratory - Engineering


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1. Portable Moisture Meters

Moisture temperature meter MI-7 MI-7 Moisture and Temperature Reader

    - With interchangeables sensors.
    - Only one reader and differents sensors for many types of products.
    - Programming function of new calibrations.
    - Storage the last 25 readings in memory.
    - Developed sensors for specifics applications.
    - For grains, cereals, hay bales or cubes, hay row, silage, forage, fodder, feed, powder, flour, soils, dusts, granulateds.

    MI-7/PC Optional Moisture Reader
    - Serial port for PC comunication, included in the MI-7.
    - Software for discharge measurements, calibrations and/or on line work.
    - Led display for clear and night excellent vision.
    - 9V input connector and external supply voltage.
Moisture temperature meter MI-7

Grain moisture meter, grains, cereals, granulated and powder MI-7+SH-7 SH-7 Sensor for MI-7 Reader

- Moisture meter for grains, cereals, flours, powders, granulateds, pellets, etc.
- 3 Sensor formats: with weight system, fixed celd, extended volume.

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Dehydrated moisture meter SH-7P Moisture meter of powder, additives, pigments Moisture meter of dehydrated herbs, spices Moisture meter for dehydrated extrused cereals Moisture meter of corn, grains, cereals, dried vegetables

Hay bales cubes moisture meter MI-7 + SH-6 SH-6 Sensor for MI-7 Reader

- Moisture meter of grass hay bales or cubes, forage, fodder, silage, feed.
- Programmable for cotton, paper, free materials, sand, substratum.

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Moisture meter of hay bales and rolls, reforced Moisture meter of silopack, silage, fodder

Hay row moisture meter MI-7+SH-5 SH-5 Sensor for MI-7 Reader

Moisture meter of grass hay row, fodder, silage, forage, feed. Woods, paper, free materials.

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Moisture meter for woods Moisture meter in hay row, before cubes or bales Moisture meter in cheeses

Soils moisture meter MI-7+SH-3 SH-3 Sensor for MI-7 Reader

    - Moisture meter of soils, ground, substratums.
    - Include tube for introduce the sensor for read to diferents levels.

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Temperature meter MI-7+ST-2 ST-2 Sensor for MI-7 Reader

    - Spear type Temperature sensors.
    - Larges in 75 cm and 1.20 mts.

    ST-3 sensor
    - In 3 sections of 1.50 mts. each.
    - Total 4.50 mts. of large.

Soils moisture meter in 3 levels MI-9+SH-9 SH-9 Sensor for MI-9 Reader

- Moisture meter of soils in 3 levels, 20, 40 and 60 cm. deep.
- Calibrations for sandy, loam and clay soil, also for SH-3 sensor.

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Soils moisture meter in 3 levels MI-9+SH-9

Thermometer beacon risk frost Thermometer Beacon

- Remote luminous warning device of frost risk.
- In clear night it is seen up to 2 Km.
- Opcional module for alarm.

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2. Soil Moisture Monitoring
Remote monitoring stations of soils sensors of moisture and temperature Remote monitoring stations of soils sensors of moisture and temperature Remote monitoring stations of soils sensors of moisture and temperature, with software

- Continuous reading system of soils sensors of moisture and temperature with 2 sensors in each station.
- Remote monitoring software data register.
- Data transfer by RF or cable.
- Distant monitoring of many sensors, in differents points of the country and intensive cultives.
- Visual software of data, especific for each aplication.
- Programed alarms option.
- Electrovalves control option, for activate the irrigation system.
- Moisture range 0 to 100 %.
- Temperature range 0 to 100 °C.

- Automatic control of the irrigation system.
- Solar panel and battery for autonomic function.

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3. Temperature Monitoring in Silos and Bins

Portable manual reader or central system from PC, with monitoring software.

Remote monitoring grain temperature system in silos or bins, with software

- Semiconductor sensors mounted in flexible and reforced cable.

Optionals systems:
- Portable manual reader.
- Central system from PC, with software monitoring for view all sensors of the silos, from the office.

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4. Moisture Monitoring and Controllers in Continuous Process

Moisture monitor for continuous dried process or grains driers and software

- Moisture monitor for continuous dried process or grains driers.
- With 1 sensor MIC-6/1A or 2 sensors MIC-6/2.
- Monitoring and control software for drying process.

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