The device emits lights of great power that they change of color with the temperature.
It allows to easily visualize the reduction of the temperature from any point of his property to prevent the frosts.
In clear nights it is seen up to 2 km.
6 colours and flashes to indicate the temperature in the zone.
Dimensions without support: stop 17 cm, width 10 cm, depth 10 cm.
Weight approximated with battery: 400 grs.
Apt for inclemency.


The device is placed on a support to 3 mts of height and has a temperature sensor in the end of a 1.5 mts cable of that hangs of the instrument, so that the temperature is taken to 1.5 from the ground (international convention).
It works with a reload provided battery with the equipment.
The colors of lights vary according to the following table: