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Soil moisture meter in 3 prof levels

MI-9 Reader & SH-9 Sensor

Moisture meter for soils in 3 levels of proof MI-9 + SH-9 Scheme moisture meter for soils in 3 levels of proof

Operation description

The measuring equipment consists of a moisture meter, portable, "MI-9" with interchangeable sensors, probe "SH-9" type nozzle 30 mm in diameter and 1 meter long, which has 3 humidity sensors , 20 cm apart from each other and a plastic tube of 40 mm diameter and 1 meter long, which is buried in the ground representative location and serves as protective cladding of the probe.
For the determination of moisture, the probe is inserted into the tube buried, so that the sensors are installed to 20 cm, 40 cm and 60 cm depth, so that they can register 3 moisture levels in the same zone.
Once the reader displays the data obtained, these are stored in its memory.
This form of measurement facilitates insertion of the probe into the ground, reducing wear thereof, and that is not buried directly and increases the accuracy of the readings, because the ground is not modified.
Can take readings at various points of the terrain, installing each corresponding sensor cladding tube.
During the read operation, each measurement can be identified with a number in the analyzer for further study, after being stored in the memory.
The reader includes factory calibration for 3 types of soil: sand, loam and clay.
Calibrations show directly the percentage of field capacity.
You can also measure soil temperature using the temperature lance "ST-2/50" connected to the analyzer "MI-9".

Characteristics of the SH-9 sensor

Characteristics of the MI-9 reader

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