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Since 1992, Argentina, dedicated to research and development of sensors, controllers and software, for the measurement of moisture and temperature of materials.
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1. Soil Moisture Portable Meters

Soils moisture meter MI-7+SH-3 MI-7 Reader & SH-3 Sensor

- Portable meter with moisture and temperature sensor for soils, ground, substratums.
- Protective tube for insertion into the representative point of measurement.
- Sensor is introduced into the tube to take readings at different levels.

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Soils moisture meter in 3 levels MI-9+SH-9 MI-9 Reader & SH-9 Sensor

- Portable meter with the moisture sensor for soils, in 3 levels, 20, 40 and 60 cm. deep to the same time.
- Protective tube for insertion into the representative point.
- Probe with 3 sensors is introduced into the tube.
- Calibrations for sandy, loam and clay soil.

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2. Soil Moisture Monitoring Remote Station

Soil Moisture Monitoring Remote Station Soil Moisture Monitoring Remote Station

Estacion remota con 2 sensores de humedad y temperatura de suelo, tierra


Remote monitoring station with 2 moisture and temperature sensors for soils.

  • It remains buried at the depth to be measured.
  • 1 meter probe for the detection of moisture.
  • Continuous reading of moisture and temperature field or greenhouse soils.
  • Each station consists of a CPU and sensor device, recording moisture and soil temperature at 2 levels deep on where it is installed.
  • Software visualization and recording of data, specific to each application.
  • Moisture range 0 to 100 %.
  • Temperature range 0 to 100 °C.
  • Continuous reader of soil moisture and temperature.

  • Optionals
  • Distant monitoring of many stations, in differents points of the country and intensive cultives.
  • Visual and register software of data, especific for each aplication.
  • Programming alarms option.
  • Electrovalves control option, for activate the irrigation system.
  • Digital data comunication by RF or cable.
  • Tube with sensors separate of the station register module.
  • Ambient relative humidity and temperature sensor, included in the station and monitoring software.

  • Scheme of the Soil Moisture Monitoring Remote Station

    Scheme of the Soil Moisture Monitoring Remote Station

    Country and Glasshouse software example and data register in log file.

    Soil Moisture Monitoring Remote Station

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